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Re: Alessandra Torresani: Genre babe of the week #40 (Oct. 2010)

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She's my age, but she sure looks like she's still a teenager.
Again. I wonder how many people who says this have seen a teenaged girl.
She does look way too young for a thread like this. Of course I'm sure that's why she was cast in the first place. (And a bit of a butter face, to be honest.)

And I have a 14-year-old niece, so yes, I am aware of the appearance and mannerisms of the typical teenage human female.
Wow, so you think she looks "way too young for a thread like this" but you're willing to chime in that she's "a bit of a butter face" anyway? I guess it's OK to comment on her looks as long as you don't think she's hot, lest people mistake you for a pedophile.

As has already been stated, she's 23. Nobody should have to feel bad for thinking she's attractive, and frankly I'm sick of that attitude coming out just because somebody looks younger than they are.
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