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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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As for Ullmann and that report...if what she wrote is truthful, and I doubt she would lie even though she would focus on the worst, then I really have to wonder what Starfleet's reaction is going to be to the idea of Kapoor's continued presence aboard the Roumar. Has Kapoor been sending reports too? Will they think Kapoor is lying or doctoring the truth? (And HAS Kapoor been hiding any part of the truth?)
They both had to file their reports, but I think Kapoor kept strictly to business (differences between SF and Cardassian technology, a way to improve SF protocols based on good Cardassian solutions, etc.). She didn't write about her private relations with other people, because it's not Starfleet's business who she spends time with. And since she was not a participant in the incident, she did not include it in her reports. This was between Karama, Ullmann and Jarol.

SF will ask her, though, and she will write what she knows. If they believe her - that's another story.
I hope she will tell the truth, then--that way her conscience will be clear: that Ullmann went in filled with prejudice, and then Karama DID act badly, but was disciplined for it and afterwards felt truly awful about it.

Did she tell about the atrocities the Cardassians committed against the Skarrats?

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Oh...and I LOVE Ma'Kan's little flying starships!!!
Some of her ships are really nice piece of work and they do fly! I think those are usually old-fashioned crafts ("antique" Cardassian aeroplanes or something like that) that have moving parts to fly in the air.
How cute! If I were Kapoor, I'd be SO interested to see how similar the designs happened to be to human ones. Cardassian (Hebitian?) aviation history would be very interesting!
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