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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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That Time Warp one is gold. I love it.

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and wondered... could something like this ever be made about Picard???? To me, the answer is a resounding "NO", which is why I love this character!
Jesser mentioned on VAMB that YouTube was pulling the audio off that particular vid, so she hosted it through Yahoo instead.

Derp, I should have linked it the moment she put it up. I really like that one! Really love the song, too.

Picard, probably not. I guess if it wasn't a woman singing - perhaps Sisko? Eh, still might be a bit too feminine.

Man, you guys are like... the Tube Patrol!
Re: Youtube patrol...

I've discovered that when the vidder puts the name/singer in the description, I can usually find the music elsewhere on youtube and just run both programs at the same time. Its a bit cumbersome, but it has saved a few vids for me.


^ That makes me want to say "Da plane! Da plane!" but I guess I won't . . . Whoops, too late. Anyway, I'm not reading the fanfic until after I finish a certain vid I promised a certain someone I'd make. I'm estimating one to four more days on that. Just FYI.
I grabbed a Tribble and some chewing gum and stopped a warp core breach!
I'm working this weekend, and where I am I can't access youtube until Sunday night... so if you need some "downtime" with a certain fanfic to refresh yourself... feel free to enjoy.
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