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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

Oh, wow...Zamarran's invitation to watch Karama lose made me laugh so hard! I figured he was going to politely give Kapoor a chance to leave the room, but I wasn't expecting THAT!

As for Ullmann and that report...if what she wrote is truthful, and I doubt she would lie even though she would focus on the worst, then I really have to wonder what Starfleet's reaction is going to be to the idea of Kapoor's continued presence aboard the Roumar. Has Kapoor been sending reports too? Will they think Kapoor is lying or doctoring the truth? (And HAS Kapoor been hiding any part of the truth?)

But Karama's revelation, and his realization of what exactly he did...VERY powerful stuff, and I hope this experience will help him to grow. And though Ullmann will undoubtedly be sickened even by the apology--it was a big step for him to be willing to apologize.

Oh...and I LOVE Ma'Kan's little flying starships!!!
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