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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2010!

Well I managed to get hold of a copy of the 1989 TV movie of The Woman in Black and watched it with a friend when we decided to have a Hallowe'en-themed night in.
We both enjoyed it immensely, and pretty much "jumped" at the same time when it got the scene where "she" appears in his bedroom. This is probably one of the better adaptations I've seen and while it changed certain aspects of the novel I thought that overall the changes it made were for the better.
This was a wonderful ghost story and is probably something that I will try to watch around this time each year. Apart from the bedroom scene mentioned above there were plenty of other chilling scenes that were equally effective (hearing the repeating sound of the pony and trap going into the marsh and the accompanying cries was unsettling and the scene in the child's bedroom was subtly unnerving).

I've just recently watched the first part of Tobe Hooper's miniseries adaptation of Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot and I'd actually forgotten just how good it was. I'm looking forward to watching the second part tomorrow.

I've also been trying to track down some of the BBC's ghost stories for Christmas series on DVD but unfortunately they are out of print and the DVD copies that exist are far too expensive for me to afford. I was looking at two in particular (The Signalman by Dickens and Whistle and I'll Come to you by M.R. James) as I had heard good things about both. I suppose I could always buy the books (I'm considering buying the M.R. James ghost stories in time for Christmas so that I have some suitably spooky Winter reading for the long dark nights.)

This might not be relevant since it was a UK broadcast but did anyone else here manage to catch Mark Gatiss' three-part series on the history of horror movies? I just happened across it on Iplayer and thought it was pretty cool. It's obvious that Gatiss (probably better known as one of the League of Gentlemen and a writer/actor for both DW and the BBC's modernization of Sherlock Holmes) is a genuine fan of horror movies and has a real passion for the genre.

I've got the Masters of Cinema release of Nosferatu to watch at some point. I've had the DVD for about three years and still haven't watched it yet (I've been planning to watch it for the last three Hallowe'ens but just never seem to get round to it. Hopefully I'll find time to watch it over the next couple of days.)
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