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Re: funding for manned Mission to Mars [financial/political ONLY]

"I think we'll be on the moons of Mars by 2030 or so," Worden said. "Larry [Page] asked me a couple weeks ago how much it would cost to send people one way to Mars and I told him $10 billion, and his response was, 'Can you get it down to 1 or 2 billion?' So now we're starting to get a little argument over the price."
"To Boldly Go: A One-Way Human Mission to Mars"

This is part of a new idea:
First Steps in the Human Colonization of Mars
We envisage three stages: careful site selection using existing and future probes to gather relevant data, the establishment of an unmanned base with minimum resources necessary for human habitation, and the dispatch of the first astronauts.
October 21, 2010 -By Jamie Lendino
NASA, DARPA Planning One-Way Human Trip to Mars,00.asp
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