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Re: Back to the Future 25th Anv. Trilogy on Blu-ray Oct 2010

Okay. On BluRay the other day I watched BttF 2 and 3 and while the picture quality and all of this nice and clean it's hard to really say they're a vast improvement. I suspect because there's not be a lot of improvements in sharpness and color quality since 1990. Sure there's been some but not shockingly enough.

So I put in the BD of the first movie tonight and? WOW! The picture quality here is great a sharpness, vibrancy and cleanness to it. Some reviews have said that the weakness in the latex makeup Lloyd, Glover, Wilson and Thompson have on in their older versions of themselves shows up more but I don't quite see it. I guess it's a bit more obvious but I think it still works because the actors I think still pull off the older characters. (Thompson I think does the best.)

Just comparing the BD to the DVD is like night and day, I'd easily say it's like comparing VHS to DVD if anyone doubts how much better the picture on BD is over DVD this would be the movie to show it off.

Even the black levels are far deeper. Stunning stuff. The BD picture has always been superior but it really shows off in an older movie like this one.
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