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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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OMG. Janeway. And Betsy. And the Imperial March. I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head.

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Ummm, AMG?
Did you forget to point out a J/C video last month, or did I not see the link? I don't think I saw the vid and just forgot it.

"WOW!" just about sums my feelings up for me.
Ummm, I don't really know why I didn't mention that one. It's outstanding. By the way, I see from the comments that Jesser has parts of her companion fanfic posted, so I definitely must check that out. You noticed that, right?

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Ohhhh AMGGGGG......

I KNOW you didn't link this one.

No way could I forget the Auburn Queen and the white tux! (Icon added on purpose!)
No, I didn't link it, but I did think it was an interesting and creative vid. See, I even left the vidder an encouraging note. *adjusts halo*

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I really think you did post this last one because the music is familiar, but in case I'm wrong I'll post a J/7 link. I don't want to be accused of favoritism.
I didn't post it. I recall that I thought about doing so, but then I discovered Masque's "What Hurts The Most" that same night. I guess it overwhelmed me. I did post "What Hurts The Most" already, but here it is again in case people don't feel like hunting for it.

Aaaannnddd on a lighter note, I would like to add these to your Rocky Horror Trek listing:

"Time Warp"

"Dammitt Janet"

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