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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos


Star Trek Voyager: Darkside;

A Cruel Man: Kes;

I don't go for this ship... but I love the song, Lost: 7/EMH


Robot: "Dr Lana Torres, our species faces extinction, you must help us repopulate."

Dr Lana Torres: "I'm flattered, but even Captain Proton will tell you, I'm NOT that kind of girl." (Awesome homage to the silent movies)

"Double feature" Voyager/Captain Proton (Great homage to Rocky Horror!)

Another Rocky Horror send up!

The Witch Queen of Voyager:

The Magic Queen:


You're still the one:

When you say nothing at all:

Right next to the right one:

You and Me:

This one is mostly amazing. Close your eyes:

ETA: I forgot about J/7! This vid is well, its different, that's for sure! For true J/7ers, you better watch all the way through!

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