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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Decisions, decisions, decisions. All of them hard to make for all concerned. JQ has already stepped up to the plate and made quite a number of hard calls. Yet again he is making a call here, that of trying to shore up the Sol in order to keep it together and indeed hold together for the evac. However, how compromised is he by the radiation? Should he in fact sought medical help? Maybe, but JQ shows his flaw yet again - is a damned fine flaw but a flaw nevertheless, of caring too much, wanting to spare the others the sight of engineering and its loss of life. At some point, this is going to bite him in the ass. Indeed from other vignettes we know that it has in fact hurt his career before. However, I do worry about him making a call on this basis that will have long term effects. That said, this mission already is going to hurt him - asides from the radiation! From Herk to the Kellers it has taken a certain toll on the guy who has been very impressive with his command calls in the face of danger. It makes you root for the guy all the more. Top stuff.

Then we have Adele taking control of the chaos on the RBorg ship. She somehow has inspired Lakwa to trust her and the Tesseract crew. Lakwa has mutined against Malik but for his and all of their sakes. I wonder now what this will mean for our allied RBorg friends? I Lakwa to become their leader?

But now Adele is faced with a terrible decision. To do as she should and destroy Omega or allow for its harnessed power to come onboard the Tesseract, a very viable danger, so that she and the Federation by default can wield Omega's might as a weapon against the Borg. The decision to take it onboard is a bold move and in light of the Borg threat a sensible move. But what ramifications will this have, for Adele in front of the Advisory Board, for the future of the Federation, will it spur a race for Omega weapons/power systems in the Alpha Quadrant ala the cold war and nuclear power/weapons? And what will the Admiral make of it all?

Oh my, so much to come of all of this! So much to look forwards to.
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