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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2010!

Well, I finished Overwinter. I liked the first one, but this was much better. It got totally nuts about halfway through, and the ending was quite eventful. The fates of the characters were fairly predictable (with one that surprised me) and there were some loose ends, but I was far from disappointed. Considering the ending, I'm not sure where a sequel could go, but I'd be very interested in reading one.

And I loved the Russian.

Now my four-day Halloween Marathon officially begins. I've started reading Halloween Tree by Bradbury and House Of Wolf Man is top of my DVD list; it'll have to wait till the morning, though, because there's a NatGeo special on tonight that I want to see. My Thriller DVDs came, too, so I'll be dipping into those. And I'm considering watching one of the newer Romero flicks on Pay Per View. But then, the new Zombie TV series starts Sunday night, so I don't know....
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