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Re: when will we have a bluray?

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What TheGodBen said. They'll need to recut every episode. Which isn't as much work as redoing all of the vidual effects, but honestly, it wouldn't even be that hard.
Actually, it's possibly more work than redoing the visual effects. Editing an episode takes days, re-editing an episode to exactly match the original version would be a nightmare of a task, even with modern editing software. I don't know how well the film negatives are archived, but they'd need to find the right scene, the right angle, the right take, and then get the timing exactly right for each transition. That's not only hard, it's extremely dull for the editors too because they wouldn't be able to add any of themselves to it, it would be pure replication of someone else's work. Even TOS-R wasn't beholden to complete replication of the VFX original shots.
I'm an indie filmmaker, and I shoot and edit most of my work myself. I can tell you that editing is always tedious (it takes far far more than days to cut a 45min show), but this is these folks' job. It's always a bitch and the process is no different for re-cutting the film than it would have been for the first edit.

You've always got rolls and rolls of film and you always need to sort through and find the right shot and the right take. But that's what your scripty is for, to keep track of all the shots and which roll they are on (amongst other things). Not to mention, in the first edit, someone already did that for you. They don't just cut the film with scissors and throw stuff out or shove it in a box unlabeled. And typically post prod flow would include a logging of which footage has been used where (especially at the hollywood level).

Once you have the right shot and take, getting the timing right is a breeze. Not only does your NLE allow you to synchronize the shots so the frames match up perfectly, but then it's simply a matter of counting frames and looking at the time code (usually something that is recorded on paper during the editing process, btw).

SFX-wise, I'd be totally fine if they completely re-did them. Isn't that part of what remastering is supposed to accomplish? Updating effects as well as visual quality?

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And I'm gonna disagree that they won't make a return on their investment. Are you telling me that Trekkies are not going to buy up HD versions of TNG and VOY in droves?
I'm certainly not, I paid enough for the DVDs, thank you very much. I don't even have a blu-ray player. Blu-ray players are still a niche item at the moment, and Star Trek fandom is a niche group already. The market just isn't there, not yet.

The only way this would be worthwhile is if they got a syndication deal out of it like TOS-R, where some HD station buys the rights to air each season as they're produced and the blu-rays come out later. Even there, it's still debatable if they'd make a return on investment.
It's definitely true that blu-ray hasn't taken off as folks in the distribution business have hoped. This is mainly due to the economy's bubble bursting(in 2000, even) and people having less interest/ability to buy luxury items. This is why the price hasn't come down and why there are major compatibility issues even within the format.

So we'll see if blu-ray lasts. One thing is for sure though, HD itself isn't going anywhere.
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