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Re: POLL: Best Movie from the Disney Renaissance?

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Is it possible Princess and the Frog could be a springboard of a Second Renaissance of traditional animated fare for Disney?
So that begs the question, do they have anything in the pipeline using that format for release?
The Princess and the Frog underperformed expectations, so it's kind of indeterminate at this point. There's one known non-CGI animated film scheduled (a new Winnie the Pooh in 2011; Lasseter is a big fan of that property) - one other, The Snow Queen, was cancelled post-Princess and the Frog. The other known productions are CGI, though I don't see why they couldn't do CGI musicals if that's what people want (actually, the other major studios haven't used that for the more traditional musical format yet, so there's an opening).
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Tangled(The Rapunzel film) is Disney? I thought it was Dreamworks.
Tangled is in 2-D as well, right?
Tangled is Disney, and it's CGI (a specific style they're using to try and mimic oil paintings).
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