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Re: when will we have a bluray?

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SEINFELD was able to spare the expense of re-editing all of their episodes in order to release them in HD (the Blu-Rays have yet to emerge, but they're already being aired in HD on television).
With a show like Seinfeld, there are no special effects to deal with. I believe the episodes, which I have seen, on TBS are just cropped to a 16:9 aspect ratio (no stretching of image on the edges). Up til about season 4, they look rough... the later seasons look much better.

It would be nice if they do release Seinfeld on Blu-Ray that we get both the 4:3 and 16:9 versions.

I'm honestly not sure we'll ever see HD versions of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine or Voyager. The images are just to soft and fuzzy for them to do a quality upscaling and the amount of reworking needed for the original film with new effects would be expensive. Plus we have no idea what type of shape the original film is in or if it even exists (completely) anymore.

I think we're just going to have to be satisfied with the current home video releases.
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