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Re: Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game Review thread

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Wow. This was the first Trek book I'd had time to read since the semester started, and I've been waiting for the Typhon Pact novels since they were announced. As patience isn't my strong suit, I raided Border's and Barnes and Noble on Sunday. No dice. I tried again after work on Monday, and SUCCESS!

I called my friend and made fun of him, because he didn't have a copy of the book, as he's been waiting for this nearly as long as I have.. I had to stop reading roughly 50 pages in to call him again... I was having a nerdgasm, and I had to share it with him.
Amazon gave me a buzz today. They're now shipping the baby over. I should have it some time next week!

There was much groaning and gnashing of teeth over not finding out what happens to Kira, but... it just makes me anticipate Rough Beasts of Empire more.

This was a pretty quick read, and had me completely absorbed in it most of the time. I really loved the insight into the Breen, and as usual, Mr. Mack killed more characters I'd really started to like. I love it. I might have to do a David Mack Death Counter in the future.

Moving on to the A and B plot... there were times where I felt for Bashir, like when he's on DS9 and reflects on his feelings. I want to say Bashir's never been one of my favorite DS9 characters... he whines a bit too much and is too sanctimonious at times, but it was really nice to see him get his hands dirty. I really liked his progression during the mission, from 'Killing is bad' to 'Kill them all'. More Aventine and Bacco would've been great, but all in all, wonderful novel all-around.
AH!!! Nice...I love Bashir, but his holier-than-thou attidude towards Garak, Ross and Sloan in the show made me wish something would happen to knock him off the high-horse.

So...I wonder, is he beginning to accept Secion 31, or is that a line he's still unwilling to cross?

@ Supreme Dittodrone - I know, right? I wouldn't think Ezri and Sarina would have much in common, but... whoa. At the same time, I think there was a marked contrast between the two of them.
Yep. I'd say the similarities are something of an indication of what Julian wants in a woman....

I wouldn't be suprised if his first love, the dancer he mentions in "Armageddon Game", was very similar, personality-wise, to Sarina and Ezri....
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