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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Reports today that Torres & Reina have contract clauses allowing them to leave in January and they will use them. I wonder who leaked that oh yeh their agents bloodsucking creatures who would probably sell their own mothers for a % of the sale.

If I was Liverpool, especially their owners then I would say fine because for those 2 players alone you could get 50-70 million and then you wouldn't of need to put so much of your own money into the club for new sales. Torres is past his best IMO, hes doing an Owen and injuries are taking their toll by becoming more regular. Reina would be a huge loss but Liverpool must have someone at the club who can do a solid job though keepers are cheap to buy for the most part...

I would sell them and then add a little more money to the pot and Liverpool can rebuild their entire squad and gain morem oney by getting rid of more waste in their squad at the same time. Everton did it with Rooney, Moyes used the money to build a squad that saw them finish 4th, 12 months later.
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