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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

Hi all this is what I said on Screenrant

"Of what I've read here,but didn't Chris Bale say that if Robin was introduced early in the third film that he wouldn't resume the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman.
However the idea combining traits of characters is fine with me in the Nolan-verse style of film making would work.
Here's my take on Robin/Dick Grayson where as Batman and Robin,Batman Forever stayed true to the comic book,but Dick was already a twenty something adult male that came from a circus background,but what we weren't treated to was the progression from Orphan/Ward to Batman's Partner in crime-fighting to fit Nolan's universe Dick Grayson would have to be raised in a orphanage that is one of the charities that Bruce endorses have Jason Todd's or Tim Drake's knowledge of computers since he would be home schooled in the technology that exists in Nolan's universe,but keep in mind he's orphaned at age 14 after he too witnesses his parents being killed in a circus accident,and that traumatizes young Dick two years ago,and hence being in an orphanage .
Dick is natural fighter having learned boxing at the orphanage is out one night to go to a movie spots Bruce leaving an event to go to his Lamborghini and since he's in his civilian guise is confronted along with his date by a robber,and cannot reveal that he's Batman by taking on the robber.
Enter Dick Grayson wearing a yellow windbreaker,and red sweater with green denim jeans ,who has a slingshot comes out of the shadows fires the rock to disarm the robber,and saves Bruce by punching the robber out cold.
Bruce turns to his savior and asks for the young man's name and Dick tells him,and leaves the scene. without telling him about the orphanage.
The very next day Bruce is researching orphanages and other records trying to find Dick or Richard Grayson living in Gotham City.The film progress with Bruce eventually finding out,and making Dick his ward,and getting him settled at first a public school,but that fails,and has to have him in a private school in a coed environment,and lives with Bruce at the newly renovated Wayne estate.
Not until the end of the film does Dick tells Bruce of his tragedy of losing his parents,and living in the orphanage,then pretends to go up to bed,and instead follows Bruce to the library where Bruce does the piano code activates the door leading to lift basket taking him to the Bat cave where he is spotted by Dick suiting up to become Batman.
Bruce then does a swearing ceremony with Dick to not tell his secret Id,and when he returns from his patrol he'll set up training".

How's that for good plot device.

Let me know OK.
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