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Re: The Christmas Countdown Thread!

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I have already bought about half of the Christmas presents I am going to buy. If I waited until December to think about Christmas shopping would be more stressful.
Sure, but you'll find that if you wait until Christmas Eve, the stress disappears almost completely due to accepting the merry inevitability of not finding anything, and simply having a drink or two instead.

More cost-effective and certainly easier!
I like the reasoning behind this strategy but there's always some place open, and does it really matter if everybody gets the same thing? -I say no! and buy them all a set of matching wind-shield wipers or a nice bottle of key-hole defroster.

I'm quite certain that's how my brothers shop for Christmas. It's gotten much better now they're all married! I like to think my husband's family is relieved he's no longer in charge of gift buying for the family!

I actually enjoy putting it off until after Thanksgiving - it gives me time to scheme and think and by late Nov I'm ready!
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