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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

I think that going on previous traits that there will be a trio of antagonists in "The Dark Knight Rises" just as there have been in the previous two films. I think there will be a main villain...possibly Talia manipulating and controlling events until she reveals herself to Bruce, such as her father did. Then a secondary villain (like Scaregrow in the first film) possibly Black Mask or Hugo Strange that is the actual physical challenge for Batman. Perhaps it could be someone entirely new sent by Talia to test "The Detective" (of course I'm still even speculating that Talia will be in the film, she's just an example) then a third Two-Face character that tests Bruce's psychological make up. Hugo Strange seems like a good candidate for that type of character. I could see Bruce possibly seeing a psychiatrist or ordered by Lucius Fox to see one and Hugo becomes fascinated with Bruce to the degree of obession. Perhaps Hugo even uncovers the documents that one blackmailer from "The Dark Knight" possessed who threatened to expose Bruce if he wasn't paid off. The possibilities are endless, but knowing Nolan probably nothing of the sort lol.
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