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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

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Nolan is probably too polite to say that Riddler is an exceedingly lame and unthreatening villain.
Not if Nolan did him.

Play him in the same vein as Joker, only less chaotic and more conspiratorial and smarter. He's less about violence and shock and more about secrets and lies and knowledge = power. He's the only man in the world who sees that something is wrong with the story of Batman killing people and Harvey Dent as a martyr. He sees puzzles and riddles and encryption on a genius scale, and two and two equal five for this story.

Make him about knowing the truth to blackmail the Bat, or exposing it out of a twisted sense of justice; but born of his megalomania and arrogance that he's smarter than the world and Batman.

It's a moot point. But it could be done properly. He could re-invent the guy from a silly trickster with a green suit and question marks and word puzzles, to a real super-intellect conspiracy nut.
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