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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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I hope Kapoor will be safe. I know Gil Karama would do everything he could to protect his fiancée, but still.
She survived it. Traumatised, but she did. 'Nuff said he never had her face him again.
He must have felt like crap after that. I have seen embarrassing situations in my own family (though NOTHING like what I imagine Gul Karama tried to do), and it hurt the people who came from that part of the family but didn't want to be like that, for others to see it. And to think that they made a mistake in exposing others to it, that their own family is that toxic and abusive.

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And then order him not to share it with the likes of me, I'm sure.
I'll smuggle you to his office and hide you in a dark dark dark corner and you can eavesdrop to their conversation
Don't they have anti-human detectors in there?
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