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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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As for Av'Roo, I definitely think she's the most mature member of that crew. I wonder, do you think being a member of a species that probably gets a lot of stares for being "different" has taught her how to deal with and appreciate diversity?
Yes, I think being an outsider gives her a little different perspective. She is a member of the Federation, but she isn't "just another humanoid". She's also too young to have any particular negative personal experiences with the Cardassians, so she doesn't hold any grudges against them.
And I also think she wants to stay as an outsider - in this particular case. She realises she's the most neutral person here and she wants to remain neutral, thus trusted by both sides and make this project happen.

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Given Karama's family background...I'd like to know what choices he made to avoid being bigoted. (Also about Karama...I am surprised he STILL could not accept responsibility for his remarks, after the incident with Ullmann, which I thought would've eventually taught him better.)
I think that he is still too angry to realise that he isn't totally innocent. This all happens shortly after the dinner, the same evening only later, so they all are still under influence of emotions and anger.

As for his choices - he has a father and a mother. What his father is - it should be obvious now. His mother - not to spoil too much of Kapoor story, let's say Karama chose to be like his mother, not his father (whom he truly hates).
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For there a warrant out for her arrest? What is it that prevented that from happening? If she stayed without permission, I am surprised she's not being hauled to the brig as a traitor.
There isn't a warrant. She stayed there without permission from her parents, but didn't just desert from Starfleet. She resigned her commission. After she was allowed to stay in the Union, she used those 6 months to close as many matters as she could in the Federation.

Her parents and family didn't accept or didn't believe she chose to stay there, so they did all they could to get her back.
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On the other hand, the Cardassians also did it to themselves with that coup--which would just prove to the Federation, from their perspective, that they have not learned how to do anything other than by force. The Cardassians need to recognize that and understand that they are starting from zero.
I'm not sure they care They believe it's their internal matter and what the Federation thinks about it? Not important. One of reasons why they closed their borders - not to listen to others' opinion on how they do their business.

This caused distrust, of course, but I'm not sure the Cardassians realise that. They see that co-operation as one time, temporary "alliance" and they know they can kick the Feds out of it any time. That must cause some arrogance on their part.
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