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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order least th'Arshar is starting to recognize that like Zamarran, his lack of intervention contributed to the problem. That said, I don't think he's very comfortable with the idea of working with the Cardassians.

As for Jeto...I have a hard time agreeing--as tough as her situation is--that she is "not fully responsible" for her behavior. I wonder if maybe what she needs is to appreciate her responsibility for HER actions, instead of a Cardassian soldier's responsibility for HIS actions. I'm glad th'Arshar decided to remove her from the project--and I hope he won't reinstate her. Sometimes facing permanent consequences makes the point that you are responsible for your own actions.

As for Av'Roo, I definitely think she's the most mature member of that crew. I wonder, do you think being a member of a species that probably gets a lot of stares for being "different" has taught her how to deal with and appreciate diversity?

Oh...and the fact that Av'Roo said the words to th'Arshar that he should've said to the other still doesn't bode well as far as the example th'Arshar will set for his crew.

Given Karama's family background...I'd like to know what choices he made to avoid being bigoted. (Also about Karama...I am surprised he STILL could not accept responsibility for his remarks, after the incident with Ullmann, which I thought would've eventually taught him better.)

For there a warrant out for her arrest? What is it that prevented that from happening? If she stayed without permission, I am surprised she's not being hauled to the brig as a traitor.

I definitely agree with the point about the Federation crew's prejudice. On the other hand, the Cardassians also did it to themselves with that coup--which would just prove to the Federation, from their perspective, that they have not learned how to do anything other than by force. The Cardassians need to recognize that and understand that they are starting from zero.
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