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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

Hey Purdy....

J/C "Feels like Home" and "Ill make a man out of you" are already in my fav file...

(Although the feminist in me would LOVE to see what happens to the drill instructor after he tells a squad containing Kathryn Janeway, B'Elanna Torres, Seven of Nine, Xena, Starbuck/Kara Thrace, Athena/Sharon, Caprica Six, and D'Anna Biers .... "Did they send me ... DAUGHTERS when I asked ... for SONS!".... )

You put "You found me" in there just for me.. didn't you.

As for "This is what I wanna be..." Suddenly I see!

Poor Janeway/Mulgrew, I'm SURE she's not THAT infatuated with Jeri's "assets" in "Join us"... I suspect the poor woman's neck is just cramping from having to look UP at the taller actress all day long.

Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

(I know its not politcally correct to say this on this board... but I did like "FH" and the END of "SF"... and so its no surprise that I liked "Here I Am".)

Speaking of my fav file... I do like that "Kathryn", and I'm going to have to buy some " Chantal Kreviazuk " since I've discovered several songs by her on Youtube that are flipping awesome.

Oh AMG....

JanewayRulz! wrote:
For the J/7er's among us...


Whoa. For some reason, I'd never watched this one all the way through until just now. Holy crap. Talk about Captain Insaneway! It was really well done, though, as all Sazzy productions are.
Good gravy!

I obviously never got to the end of that one the night I pulled it from my file to post it!

How embarrassing.

Here's Seven as Jolene....

Here's Janeway as Jolene....

I'm not infatuated with this movie/song, but I guess I AM infatuated with this sci-fi show.

(Dear Kathryn, Xena is but a mere distraction for me. Voyager will always reign supreme in my heart... just ask Vas2009!)

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