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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

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I have no problem with The Caped Crusader as a title besides the fact that I find it really cheesy (and a title Nolan never would have went with in a million years). I just took an issue with you discrediting the Adam West TV show- my friend, who is my age (early 20's) loves it and thinks it's the best, most fun incarnation of Batman to date. I know a lot of people who love the Adam West TV show and it just seemed like you were trying to discredit it.
Not at all. Someone else said Caped Crusader likely wouldn't be used cause it was associated with the TV show which isn't a direction they would want to go. That other comment must be what you were thinking of and I responded to that.
Classic mix-up.
No. You were saying how because the original Adam West TV show rarely airs on TV and isn't on DVD it isn't on the minds of people enough to have any sort of impact- which is what I got from your post. I have to thoroughly disagree with that- I think the Adam West TV show has had an impact on our culture and while I'm not sure if the title The Caped Crusader is directly correlated to the old TV show, I think people both young and old still appreciate the Adam West series.
I'll make one more stab at this otherwise I'll just let it be.

He was saying Caped Crusader=Campy=Adam West show therefore they may not want to use that title.
It's been 50yrs that show is hardly an impact on the character now. Not that the show hasn't been at one point an impactful influence.

Today's movie going audience isn't FIRST, if at all, thinking of Adam West's TV Batman or his movie tie-in. There have been 4 actors play the part in varying degrees of success. Simply using the title Caped Crusader isn't suddenly going to invoke flashbacks among moviegoers to Adam West and have them going "Oh my god it'll be campy". I wasn't dissing the show.

That's my last attempt to set the record straight. God the internet can be frustrating. I know if I was talking to you face to face this misunderstanding wouldn't have occured.
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