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Re: The Christmas Countdown Thread!

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^interesting - thanks. now I've even more of a quandry! what to do?


well, I've already got the plastic one but it won't stop Mr. ORSE from bringing home a live tree. I guess we're equla opportunity nature kilelrs.
Living trees are a nice alternative. We used to do living trees when I was a kid. When Christmas is over you can plant them in your yard or find a park to donate them to. As I recall, we had only one ever die on us after planting.
We're a little spoiled - we've got the big blue Spruces around here - but wrestling one into a pot isn't practical. I do have a litte Charlie Brown pine in a pot here but it wont' support much in the way of ornamentation. I'll have to content myself with festooning the outside trees with lights. That is fun too! But NOT before the day after Thanksgiving. I refuse.
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