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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

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The TV series
I catch the old series on TVLand all the time.
That's great if you do. Still shouldn't be a deterrent to naming A movie Caped Crusader, 50yrs later reruns or not.
But TVLand doesn't list Batman in their shows listing.
I have no problem with The Caped Crusader as a title besides the fact that I find it really cheesy (and a title Nolan never would have went with in a million years). I just took an issue with you discrediting the Adam West TV show- my friend, who is my age (early 20's) loves it and thinks it's the best, most fun incarnation of Batman to date. I know a lot of people who love the Adam West TV show and it just seemed like you were trying to discredit it.
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