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Re: Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game Review thread

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^I assume she's in Starfleet, then? Because the Bajoran Militia had army ranks, rather than the "navy" system of Starfleet.

So...has the Militia been absorbed into Starfleet by this time?
That happened when Bajor joined the Federation in Unity and Kira became a Captain. I assumed this tease was mainly there to leave a bit more of the new DS9 status quo to be revealed in Rough Beasts of Empire. The main possibilities that come to mind are Admiral, Vedek and Kai, with Kai hopefully being out of the question as redundant with the Online game continuity.

The train of thought does seem to suggest Admiral, but it probably depends mostly on where the DS9-R is headed next. There was a blurb for RBoE that said something about Kira being in a monastery on Bajor, but I think that blurb has since been changed and may quite possibly have been erroneous or outdated.
Well, "Kai" would be a nice bit of irony, considering her previous "Attainted" status.
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