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Re: POLL: Best Movie from the Disney Renaissance?

Emher of the Living Dead wrote: View Post
^Totally agree about "Pocahontas" and "Lill & Stitch". The latter is a superb movie.

Out of the ones in the poll though, I'm gonna say "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". One of the few movies that was actually made even better by the Swedish dub. And it's pretty damned great in the original version.

Case in point for the Swedish dub:

The sheer power of the Swedish voice artists voice still stuns me. Also the best villain song ever by Disney.
Despite my feelings about Hunchback (which largely result from the unsympathetic main character), I love Hellfire. I think I prefer the original English version, though. Something about the voice of the Swedish singer seems discordant with the rest of the music to me; I think his singing may be too uniformly deep (or perhaps I lack the deep bass hearing needed to fully appreciate it).

Captain Craig wrote: View Post
Is it odd I don't consider The Rescuers Down Under and Tarzan as part of the DisneyRen of the 90's? I honestly haven't seen them, did they do well? Have to check BOM on that later.
I think the shift in style that Tarzan began tends to separate it from the rest of the 90s Disney films. It's something of a transition point between the early and later modern Disney animation, though, so it's hard to say with which group it belongs.

For years, I assumed that The Rescuers was from the same studio as An American Tail and Anastasia (which apparently share a director, despite being from different studios). Disney seems to ignore them completely.
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