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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

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I think the "Caped Crusader" nickname has probably gotten too associated with the 60s Adam West series for them to seriously consider it as a title.
That was 50yrs ago. It's not on DVD and I'd be surprised that its playing in many, if any, markets in reruns now. Seriously, if that is at all a reason its a dumb one.
Not an official reason, AFAIK. Just theorizing. But it's true that ever since Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, the instances of Batman being called the Caped Crusader or the Darknight Detective have gone way down.

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I recall all the fuss about "No one is going to know what/who The Dark Knight is" when that title was announced. Amazing what proper marketing can do.

Proper marketing would once again let people know this movie(Caped Crusader or Shadow of the Bat) is the followup to Nolan's The Dark Knight.
Agreed. The James Bond movies have never had the character's name as a part of the official title, and they've been doing pretty well for the last 50 years.
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