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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

To the people who are saying that this title makes Batman Begins feel out of place, I'm calling BS on you; each of the first two films deals with a particular theme that is reflected in its title; Batman Begins is the beginning of the story, not only from an in-universe perspective, but also form a real-world perspective in that it is a 'new' beginning for the Batman franchise; The Dark Knight's title reflects the darker nature of the film and the fact that, in-universe, Gotham has become a darker place with the rise of the mob and characters like the Joker. By the end of The Dark Knight, Batman had fallen - both of his own choice and out of necessity - meaning that there was only one logical track for the story of B3 to take: the story of his redemption/resurrection. There really aren't a whole lot of one-word titles out there that could reflect this that would still fit the Batman universe and mythos, both from the comics and as Nolan had re-imagined them. The Dark Knight Rises may be pedestrian - particularly in comparison to The Dark Knight and Batman Begins - but it really conveys the idea that this film will be about Batman's redemption, which is what The Dark Knight's ending hinted at.
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