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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

Any time the issue of Zach's sexuality comes up it seems to generate a massive amount of general wankery. Read the comments on any article about him and there's just so much stupidity. Everyone claims that their cousin's, best friend's, sister's room mate has slept with him so they know for an absolute fact that he is gay/straight/bi/whatever. I suspect that even if he did specifically state his sexual orientation, whatever that may be, certain deluded people would still claim to know better.

The argument seems to be that by not coming forward and saying that he is gay he is sending a mixed message to youngsters struggling with their own sexuality. That he can't tell them "it gets better" if he still feels the need to "hide" who he is for fear that it will damage his career. That he shouldn't set himself up as a "gay rights activist" if he's not prepared to be open about his own sexuality. Ironically if he wasn't so openly involved in these causes he probably wouldn't be getting so much hassle about it right now.

In an ideal world this wouldn't be an issue, it shouldn't be an issue but our world is far from ideal. Personally I can see both sides and I'm not sure there is any right or wrong. ZQ is 100% entitled to his privacy, as he says in the article boundaries are important, but at the same time the more positive lgbt role models out there the better so I can understand why some people feel disappointed.

Of course everyone arguing about this, myself included it seems, has made certain assumptions, no one commenting on any of this actually knows Zach or has any real knowledge of his situation so they are just going to keep going round in circles anyway.

And now I have become part of the problem by discussing this when I didn't really intend to. Oops!

So, to save face, and as its just popped up on my Twitter feed, here's a link to a trailer for Angels in America featuring video clips of the production.
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