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I was up late last night working on a base I'm carving out inside a mountain. I spent the (in-game) night working on a ladder connecting the base to my tunnel network, and when I got back to the base, the sun was rising so I decided to put in large windows to take in the view. One of the windows required me to step outside to remove soil that was blocking the view, and even though I didn't hear anything above me, I had a bad feeling there was a creeper on the mountaintop that would jump down on my as soon as I stepped outside. I cautiously stepped outside while looking up, and nothing happened. This game makes me really paranoid for no good reason.

A minute later I was clearing the soil away when I saw the horrible green blob fall right in front of me. I managed to survive, but I shouted "YOU PRICK!" at the top of my lungs at 3am. It's not that he jumped down and destroyed my work, it's that he waited a full minute, allowed me to get into a false sense of security, made me feel silly for being so paranoid... and then he decides to ruin my day.

Still, I'm not as bad as this guy:

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