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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

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Welcome to your monthly dose of ZQ News:

So Angels in America opens this Thursday and in the run up the New York Times did a rather nice article/interview with Zach on Sunday.

Though this has stirred up a bit more of the controversy that started with his It Gets Better video about his perceived hypocrisy in supporting gay causes while remaining "closeted" himself.
Meh I don't know why so many people are pre-occupied with actors' love lives. I think pop diva Mika has the right attitude. His videos are as camp as tits but he doesn't think his private life is anybody's business and he won't discuss it in interviews. Of course that is code for 'oh so he must be gay' in the modern media.

We certainly seem to have more 'out' actors in the UK but homosexuality is really rather common in the arts so I'm sure there are a hell of a lot more who have chosen to duck under the radar.

I remember when the actor the late Nigel Hawthorne was 'outed' in the press. He was upset just because it had never been a secret and he'd been attending public events with his partner for years but the press made it out like it was some great revelation. It really should be a non-issue but I suppose unless more actors are brave enougfh to take the plunge it will remain a speculative subject. Actually most actors, sportsmen, and pop stars these days seem to come out when someone is going to sell a kiss and tell story to the press.

Lindsay Lohan seems to be all over the gutter press here because of her drink and drug problems - her bisexuality isn't nearly enough to make a headline.

I'd certainly kiss Zach but I'd never tell
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