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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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I still wonder if that remark might make Kapoor feel bad, though. If she did, would she ask Brenok what was meant? Respectfully, of course.
I am not sure she feels like it was about "her", like it included her in the "Federation" types that cannot behave. She is here, among Cardassians and they don't treat her like an outsider, a Fed, who lost her way and got here by accident. For Zamarran she is a Cardassian, she knows he didn't mean her. And what she thinks about it... that's one of reasons why I'm stuck with his chapter
Embarrassed, and like they think she came from a bad place (even though she herself is one of them)?

Also...there is a such thing as "reverse culture shock."

Maybe a gentle hug would make it a little better? Not a tight or embarrassing one, but still...
You may have noticed that his crew is quite protective of him when he suffers. It irritates him, so he's rather be treated normally, instead of being "cheered up" or "cared about". There's only one person, who could help him, and she's not there, so he doesn't want anyone to make fuss of it.
Well...I'm not sure if it would make him feel better or worse to let him know that it's because he's not the only person on the Roumar who has a human who's attracted to him, and will accept any "excuse"...
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