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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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The one thing I didn't like was Zamarran's suggestion that Cardassians are civilized and aliens are not. I hope he meant that in the sense of "that particular crew out there is undisciplined and has bad leadership" (which does seem to be the case at this point), not that all Federation people are those things.
Yes, he meant that particular crew in the light of this particular event. Not general.
OK, good.

I still wonder if that remark might make Kapoor feel bad, though. If she did, would she ask Brenok what was meant? Respectfully, of course.

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Just question...when did Brenok meet Jeto and see her features? During his private conversation with Ma'Kan, it sounds as though he did. Was he sent a picture?
He saw her the first time he had beamed to the Karamazov with Zamarran and Ya'val. Th'Arshar took the Cardassians to his ready room, where they met rest of the "team", including Jeto (Chapter 3). That's why he suffers now - because he spent that time on the Fed ship in "cold".
Oops! I totally forgot about that!

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As for Brenok seems like his pain has gotten worse over the years.
Normally he doesn't have to suffer that badly, but recently he spent a lot of time on the Fed colony, which was cold for his standards and now on the Fed ship when they first visited. That's why he didn't go to the dinner - he knew it would get even worse and it was bad already.
Awwww. Maybe a gentle hug would make it a little better? Not a tight or embarrassing one, but still...
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