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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

I very much enjoyed the conversation between Spirodopoulos and Macet re Maxwell and Picard. I think you summed up the situation accurately. You did a great job of bringing out the subtle tension in Spirodopoulos. No doubt part of him resented the criticism of Picard, yet he could not argue with Macet's assessment. Nicely played, Macet!

In the United Trek 'verse, Maxwell indeed got out of prison, only to join the resurgent Maquis movement as a cell leader and ship's commander. He began attacking Federation ships using heavily armed modified freighters until he was ultimately recaptured and imprisoned (Gibraltar's story - "Back-up").

Maxwell may have been insane, but he was also supremely arrogant. He saw himself as the abrogator of justice, ignoring his own willful savagery. I think, in the end, he projected his own hatred on the Cardassians - ascribing to them the very evil he embodied.

As for Picard, I think he is a great explorer, an over-rated diplomat, a mediocre tactician and woefully naive regarding the Realpolitik of the Alpha Quadrant. I think his later encounter with the Borg finally opened Picard's eyes somewhat, but I totally agree with Macet's sentiment - Picard screwed up royally with Maxwell, costing the lives of thousands. He should have disabled the Phoenix at the first opportunity, thrown Maxwell in the brig, and towed ship and crew back to Federation space for the JAGs to sort out.

Mind you, I don't dislike Picard. He's the embodiment of a 24th century Jacques Cousteau. But Picard is over-rated as a tactician (The "Picard Maneuver?" Please. What a joke.) How appropriate that he was C.O. of the Stargazer for so many years. It's an apt description of the man.

Didn't mean to ramble, but your segment really got me thinking. Wonderful stuff!
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