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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

Here I think that Zamarran shows his relative maturity, in that he is able to go back and analyze his actions--or inaction--before Brenok has to TELL him that he screwed up.

Kapoor was similar in that it was inaction, not action on her part, that did cause things to get worse (though I will say once things got bad, she was part of the solution and not the problem). It's good that she wasn't singled out, though, because I'd bet Brenok realized that her feelings about being the one human in the Guard aren't something she'd want to share publicly. This has probably given her a sense of loneliness and homesickness that, even if she healed from it before, has come right back. But I wonder, if it got painful for her...obviously she could talk to her husband, but if she needed a more experienced officer's perspective, I wonder if she could talk to Gul Brenok? (I know they're not equals, but I would expect that there's a mentoring relationship there.)

One more thing about Kapoor. I have to think her reports won't look like the others'. I hope she won't be tempted to use that as a loophole for any deliberate forgetting. (Though I wonder if she's had any training to better use a human's natural gifts, even though her brain functions differently than a Cardassian's?)

The one thing I didn't like was Zamarran's suggestion that Cardassians are civilized and aliens are not. I hope he meant that in the sense of "that particular crew out there is undisciplined and has bad leadership" (which does seem to be the case at this point), not that all Federation people are those things. That's an example of the kind of thing I think would be bothering Kapoor right about now. She has her own choices and behavior to be uncomfortable with...that wouldn't have made it any better.

Just question...when did Brenok meet Jeto and see her features? During his private conversation with Ma'Kan, it sounds as though he did. Was he sent a picture?

As for Brenok seems like his pain has gotten worse over the years. I wish I could help him, but I'm sure a human woman's touch would be the most awkward thing possible for him! (I also wish I could lend him a certain Cardassian neurologist from the Sherouk...)
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