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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

Animation Express (Blu-ray) - B+. One niggling thing before I start- why do all of the National Film Board of Canada compilations have cutesy names? Why not "National Film Board of Canada presents". Are they afraid the word "Canada" will scare the Americans away? Anyhow, this is a solid collection of 39 animated shorts from the NFB, most from the past five years or so. It's a bit much to try to watch in sequence, which any completist like myself is bound to do to make sure he hasn't missed any. I ended up breaking it up over the course of two evenings. There are at least 10 shorts here that I would rate excellent, another 10-15 that were very good, and a few that seemed really inconsequential. It would have been nice if they had dipped further back into the archives for high definition versions of some old classics like The Big Snit, Neighbors, Walking or even The Cat Came Back. Oh well we can't have everything. Some of my favorites were Come Again Next Spring, The Necktie, Madame Tutli-Putli, Sleeping Betty (hilarious), and Ryan which looks amazing in it's new high def transfer.
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