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Re: Nightmare on Elm Street series

I enjoyed the series, though, really, it's two different things.

The first movie was a great creepy horror flick with a fabulously hateful threat - a moody dead paedophiliac serial killer. Then from the third movie onwards (we'll forget the second one!) becomes more like a riff on Graham Masterton's Night Warriors books, with folk chasing a wisecracking dream imp through each others' dreamscapes...

Not really a follow on from the original movie's tone. Great fun though.

I wish Black Flame and their novels licence had lasted longer, though - I had three books accepted by them and approved by New Line, but only Final Destination: Destination Zero appeared before they went tits-up. One of the two that were approved but didn't actually appear was a Friday The 13th, but the one I was most proud of - and would dearly love to finish someday, if someone else took the licence - was A Nightmare On Elm Street: Rabid.

It would have been so great. The prologue, included in the stuff approved by the studio, was a Jane Austen pisstake a good couple of years before Pride And Prejudice And Zombies made it fashionable. And the climax would have had-

Well, never mind. Maybe some publisher will revive the licence someday, and let me actually finish it...
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