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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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Yeah, really. Macet as Dukat #2? No. Just NO.
"No", seconded. Plus there was that whole ridiculous "disbanding the military" idea. I mean, Cardassia abandon the military? That's not only incredible but it shows, I think, a total misunderstanding of the problem. First, Cardassia would never disband the military because military service is an essential part of their cultural ethic. Civic pride in the military is integral to Cardassian culture, and such a radical shift in outlook is completely unbelievable, and rather at odds (in my view) with any degree of respect for local cultures on the part of the Federation. Second, it wasn't the military culture itself that was the problem - it was the Union's twisting of it to suit an expansionist, oppressive state policy. It stopped being a matter of true service and became about stomping on aliens and controlling the populace (either using the military on them or by pressuring them into joining its ranks); but that was true of everything the Union's leaders took from the Cardassian culture- they turned it on itself. The goal should be to return Cardassia to an uncorrupted state of Cardassianness, not moulding them anew. The Star Trek Online timeline takes a path for Cardassia that I feel won't restore their civic pride and reaffirm their culture in its untwisted, "purer" form, it will instead destroy that culture. Cardassia without the military simply isn't Cardassia any more.

The goal should be to heal Cardassia, turn the traits it has to positive use- not to take those traits away.

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