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That is amazing work, Iasius, it puts my efforts to shame. Your minecart system especially, all I have is a single line, powered by slow-moving coal carts, that terminates out in the middle of nowhere.

This is my world:

It's roughly 35MB, and I've decided to stop all exploration until biomes are introduced in the Halloween update. I spend most of my time around my main base, but sometimes if I have a bad experience mining I'll head out to my holiday home that I built out in a small island in a scenic cove. Originally, you could only get there from the north-west, but I cut out a little canal so that I could get there from the southern channel as that's a much shorter journey. Ultimately, I want to have a rail-line connecting my main base to my holiday home, but so far I've only reached the small purple base. I have two temporary shelters that I built while on a 6-day expedition early into the game, and I haven't returned to them since. The brown one in particular is horrible, it's a small wooden shack on a hill, but it's a monster hotspot. Both nights that I stayed there, I woke up the next morning to find 3-4 spiders and 4 creepers waiting outside.

To the east is my monster trap, I built it on another landmass because I didn't want a giant 50x50x5 chamber ruining the view near my base. It's simple enough, water channels lead the monsters to be killed by lava/drowning, and I receive the drops from behind a glass wall. It took me a real-life day to build, and it's not well optimised, but it gets me around 300 drops per hour and all I have to do is stand at the collection-point.

That's a close-up of my main base. Most of it is underground, and it's all connected by tunnels, with the main keep being the hub of the network. Originally, the entire area around the keep was sand, but I was annoyed by my tunnels continually collapsing, so I transplanted the sand for soil. That grey island to the east used to be green, but I ended up taking almost all the soil from it to complete the transplant, so now it is a barren rock. On the plus side, I had a hell of a lot of sand to convert into glass, and that's how I built my underwater station.

Diamond update: After a week of searching, I found two diamonds almost directly under my mining base. They were hidden in a small gap that I hadn't seen, directly above a lava pool. I mined them, made a diamond pickaxe, and mined out two full stacks of obsidian. That should be enough for me to make at least 9 portals to hell once the Halloween update is released.

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I think I'm going to give up on the first world I generated. It pissed me off too much. I found an awesome cave complex full of redstone, diamonds, gold, iron, and coal--it had everything. It also had lots of lava. And it was full of skeletons, zombies, and creepers. I'd managed to avoid them and got myself a good load of loot and then a skeleton came out of nowhere and shot me into the lava. I lost everything. I think I'll start over. My castle kinda sucked anyway.
Something similar happened to me once, a skeleton shot me near a lava pool, I died, and half my inventory fell in the lava. I lost the iron and gold I had mined.

The worst thing that happened to me was when I found my first dungeon, and there was 4 or 5 zombies in there. It was only 5 blocks from the surface, so rather than do the easy thing and kill the zombies, I decided to mine to the surface and let the sunlight kill them. While I was doing this, a sheep walked over, pushed me in and I was torn to pieces. I lost my only bow and arrows and I decided to try and get them back, so I went to my keep and got my spare weapons, tools and armour, ran back to the dungeon, accidentally fell in before I was ready, and died again. I lost my main supplies, I lost my backup supplies, and worst of all... the bloody sheep got away before I could kill it!
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