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The bits with Dr. Girlfriend and 21 were a surprise, and really pushed things forward a bit, especially the kiss. I guess they could always do the "we were drunk" thing and go back to status quo.

Personally, I'd be a bit amazed and even disappointed if they did that, given how much effort they've expended in making 21 such a credible (yet still dorky) badass. Not that I won't be surprised if he doesn't end up with Dr. Girlfriend, but there's precious little way that they can satisfying maintain the status quo--that is, 21 in a subordinate role--past the season's end.

Tonight's episode was pretty good. Not ultra-great, but very neat. Billy is always fun, and it was good to see Monstroso again. Although it's kind of hard to see how he'll get out of the jam he's in at the end of the episode, I wouldn't mind seeing Monstroso become a much bigger presence (ha ha) in season 5 (especially given my assumption that Phantom Limb will either be killed or, at least, left fallow at the end of this season).

Interesting insight on the Venture Bros. wiki (what doesn't have a wiki these days, pray tell):

Superficially, Monstroso seems to be a combination of both Marvel characters the Kingpin, who is a head of a major criminal racket, and his nemesis the hero Daredevil, in that he is an attorney and his hood and thematically red/devilish scheme are highly reminiscent of Daredevil.
I had gotten the Kingpin thing, but hadn't realized the Daredevil-like visual motif. That's kinda neat, even if it was unintentional.


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