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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

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Everybody's out of step but Johnny.
Not really. I'm just part of the large block of one-time filmgoer that has been alienated by screen-stealing garbage like Saw VII 3D. Traditional story-telling with real acting is what i pay to see in the cinema; & i'm no longer getting that from US films (unless they're made by indies or corporate mavericks like Mark Cuban)

The collapse of Trek was reflective of Hollywood's retreat from the broader audience. Instead of being good counter-programming (always the franchise's strength), it tried to make itself as vapid as the programmes it was thought it was competing with; & lost the fan while not attracting the non-fan over to the cause. Yet the continuing - annoying, to the non-fan - circulation of the five shows & ten core pictures (i'm not counting the reboot) makes it clear that there's still an audience for tradition Trek scifi, if the studios could just get their heads out of the Rotten Tomatoes self-fulfilling prophecy

I can - & often will - send myself up; but i won't waste my money & time on third-rate entertainment
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