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Re: Paranormal Activity 2 Discussion and Grading

I saw it this afternoon and was a little disappointed by it. It definitely wasn't I was expecting. The theater I saw it in was pretty much full with a few seats empty at the front rows because no one sits in the front if they don't want their neck ruined. The reaction from the audience was to be expected, they were scared where one would expect to be scared, there were some jack asses making fun and laughing through the film. I didn't get really scared until the last fifteen minutes of the film...and interesting the way they set up the end by building up the first two thirds as a prequel and by letting us know that there will most likely be a third movie. We get almost no answers or explanations about the demon from the first movie, only that Katie is still possessed and has an attachment to her sister's kid, something that we would have never have guessed from the first movie. There was no mention of Micha or Katie having an interset in kids, this part felt kind of forced but it is implied that this is the demon, at least that is what I took from it. The Demon haunted them as children and has some kind of interest in poor Hunter. It sucks being a baby in a horror flick. With the monster weekend "Paranormal Activity 2" had (40.1) we're pretty much assured a third film next Halloween. I'd give this 2/4 stars and agree with Roger Ebert's review.
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