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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Just a quick update on things:

1) The ready room construction is complete. It's a very nice set, and we'll be spending this week decorating it. I should have some pics up on our website by Tuesday. We did obtain an Apollo/Soyuz model which will be on display in the ready room. We've also got a nice print of the Potemkin battleship which will be hanging there as well. We have to build a desk for it, and then we'll be ready.

2) Our first vignette is now in the final stages of post-production. Once Ralph gets back from vacation, he'll be starting work on it. Sound design is the last step we have to complete, and then the episode will be available.

3) Next weekend, we'll be working on the traverse rod system for the turbolift doors when Linda's dad comes to town.

4) Bill Walker is already at work on "Care for a Lift?" -- our second vignette.

5) Filming is scheduled to begin Thursday, November 20th, for "The Void," our first episode. Its running time is estimated to be 35 mins, so we expect the shooting to take three and a half days. We've already got a number of special effects already prepared for the episode.

6) Lastly, we hope to begin reprinting the control panel appliques this week. While the first appliques are still usable, there's a few things we want to try with these. We also sent the CDR files to Bill Walker to facilitate additional display animation as he did for "The Old Guys." We still have to pick up the mainviewer chase lights and the red alert indicator for the helm.
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