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Re: Is FanFiction Illegal?

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Oh, and I like how you condemned me for "Cherry picking" and then do the same thing to my post.
Your post is just an opinion in a conversation, and everything in a couple of paragraphs isn't equally worthy of attention or response. That's not the same as rifling through pages of reference material to pick out a couple of things that taken out of context can be made to appear to support a position that they do not.
As I already said, I quoted sections that directly talked about fanfiction within the whole article, which fits with the context of this discussion. I also linked the article so people could read the whole thing themselves if they were interested. When you brought up the claim that fanfiction under fair use was not addressed in the court systems, I gave references from that same article showing otherwise. So, again, I'd like to know how none of that has anything to do with this conversation?

It would also seem that you are trying to put words in my mouth. Insinuating that I am claiming fanfiction is completely legal under fair use. I have not once said that. I first stated that, to my knowledge it could fall under fair use. Then, when told it doesn't, I looked up the article you seem to have an issue with, quoted sections relevant to this conversation showing that it has been looked at under the fair use doctrine, and even said there is some debate about it, and that it generally falls to the copyright holder to make the final decision. So, quite frankly, I'm not sure what your problem is with what I've said.
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