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Re: Is FanFiction Illegal?

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^ I can't even imagine Foucault fan fiction (I suffered through a lot of his work in grad school), but the thought makes me smile.
Actually, IIRC, Foucault himself described his books as novels, of a sort.

So it might be argued that Foucauldian "scholarship" is fan fiction.

Now that I think about it...that sounds like a good idea for a conference paper...


And yes, that fits my definition of fair use as well, and if you were writing a paper wouldn't be considered plagiarism, though if you were turning it in for a grade I'd want to see a page number and the proper citation.
Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison, trans. Alan Sheridan (Vintage Books: New York and Toronto, 1995), 82-3.

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