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Re: Is FanFiction Illegal?

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Oh, and I like how you condemned me for "Cherry picking" and then do the same thing to my post.
Your post is just an opinion in a conversation, and everything in a couple of paragraphs isn't equally worthy of attention or response. That's not the same as rifling through pages of reference material to pick out a couple of things that taken out of context can be made to appear to support a position that they do not.

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But what would happen if Paramount suddenly changed their minds about fan productions? They'd have a lot of lawsuits on their hands, although they'd win most of them.
Precedent says that they'd win them all, except for the occasional instance where a lawyer made a case for parody (and there is very little in the genres of fan fiction or films that is truly parody, although many presentations are not meant to be taken seriously - parody is not defined as "this guy thinks he's funny").

Studios and publishers have gone after this kind of thing in the past - they simply shut it down for as long as they continue to pay attention to it.

TiberiusMaximus wrote: View Post
I think a lot of fans would be disgusted however, and that would be a huge problem, a lot bigger than any perceived profit loss. I say perceived because I don't think it's there but whatever. So part of the issue is that it would cause a massive uproar with the fans if TPTB no longer allowed it.
Fan fiction is not consumed or noticed by a "massive" or even "a lot" of fans as those numbers have meaning to an organization like Paramount. Neither 20th Century Fox nor "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" as a property suffered any noticable harm when the studio went after the webmasters a decade ago, nor would they now.
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