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Re: VOTE! Avatar Contests - Azati Prime / On Their Own

It's official!

In the Episode contest, we have a tie for the top spot between Admiral Shran's incredibly well-chosen shot of sad Phlox and Porthos, and your humble contest runner's study of sad T'Pol.

Runner-up honors and puppy kisses go to JiNX's T'Pol and Trip.

In the Theme contest, yours truly eked out a win with Archer in "Judgment." Thank you kindly!

We have another tie for second place between Flying Spaghetti Monster's "Forgotten" shot of danger on the hull, and star's beat-up Trip in "Dawn."

Congrats to the winners, and thank you to all the entrants and voters for taking part.

Since I ran the contest last week, I'll hand the power over to Admiral Shran for the next episode, that feast of paranoia and mutiny we call "Hatchery."

As for a theme to go with it... I suggest "Xindi"...any Xindi character or characters.

Take it away, Shran!
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